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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Staten Island fun

Danny took some pictures of the family hanging out at home. Here's his dad Joe looking--I don't know--incredulous? Exasperated?

Here's Danny's brother Mike rustling up some grub.

Here's Sam rasslin' with his cousin Callahan. Sam has always watched jealously as the cousins beat the crap out of each other. I am guessing that now that he has some martial arts skills, he is eager to join them and get his own ass kicked.

Sam and Joseph are regulars at the neighborhood park. Grammy found these sweet foam disk launchers which were the toast of the park. Sam had a disk battle with some neighborhood kids. The kids that were too young to take a turn eagerly followed and picked up all the shot disks. Joseph was really into his sticky chameleon, and kind of missed all of this until the end, when he had a tantrum (that's him lying face down on the park bench).

Later we went to the park to ride the Victorian carousel at Willowbrook Park. Joseph got to ride the stork, the ostrich and other favorites.

As we were leaving the carousel, one of the park staff told me that there were free canoe rides--bonus! We tried to get Grandpa Joe and Alyn to take a canoe out too, but they were not so much into that. It started to rain and Joseph got a little whiny, but we went under some overhanging trees and waited it out.

Alyn and a flock of Canada geese.

Finally, a picture with Joseph smiling, and Sam is pretending to be asleep. Sigh.

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