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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The almost couch

Our current faux-leather couch has spontaneously erupted in holes. We keep putting duct tape over the holes, but they keep getting larger, and the duct tape peels back and sticks to you whenever you sit down. This, plus the fantastic feeling of sitting down on vinyl in shorts on a hot summer day has convinced us to use our economic stimulus package to buy a new couch. I saw an ad in the Pantagraph for a used leather couch. I went over and checked it out: it was very attractive and in great condition, and a relative bargain at $275. Danny crammed it into the van, and brought it home.

However, try as we might, we could not get the couch into our house! It was not an unusually large couch, however, our house is old and has small doors, and the legs did not come off. We called the guy back within an hour of when we bought it, and asked if he would take it back, but he claimed that in the intervening hour, he had turned away two prospective buyers, so unless one of them would take it, it was ours. We have wrangled the couch into the garage, but it is only a matter of time someone breaks into our unlocked garage and steals it. AArgghh!!

Update: the guy that we bought the couch from came through! He brought over a couple who was interested in the couch, they bought it, and he gave us back our check. Hooray!

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