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Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day Part 3

At night we went over to Aunt JoEllen and Uncle Mark's place for another Father's Day celebration. Mark grilled some excellent chicken and salmon, and the corn and salad were also delicious. Joseph fell asleep in the car on the way to Columbia, and didn't wake up until after dinner. Sam had a great time playing superheroes with his cousins Benjamin and Jonah.

Saul and Martha survey the zoo that is our family.

Saul and Martha with Sam, my cousin David, Amy, Benjamin and Jonah.

Jonah tries to convince us to eat an unripe blueberry.

Mark visits Spiderman's lair.

My Spider-senses are tingling (is it dandruff?)

SuperBenjamin and SuperSam.

Nappy boy. Later as we were leaving, Joseph brightly announces: "Hey! I don't know how I got here! I must have been sleeping and you put me here!" It is odd that Joseph is young enough to be able to fall asleep and get transplanted without waking up but old enough to realize how disconcerting it is to fall asleep somewhere and wake up somewhere else.

Joseph plays with Jonah

Joseph with Benjamin. Is it just me or does Sam look jealous of Joseph waking up and usurping Benjamin? Tiger Woods doing his thing in the background.

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Beth said...

Susan, that's not tiger woods, that's lee westwood, come on, everyone knows tiger wears red on the last round. hehe.