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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School's out

The kids have started their summer vacation, and I am worn out! We will be leaving for Baltimore and New York on the 14th, and I am trying to get as many experiments done as I can. Danny has been watching the kids during the day, but I have been coming in to work late and leaving @ 3:30 or 4. It has been really hard to get everything done in that short window of time.

Danny and the kids have been stopping by the lab to visit, which has been fun. Joseph hates walking to campus (we don't call him "lazy legs" for nothing). I had encouraged Joseph to put a bike on his birthday wish list so that we could walk places together as a family, and indeed, it has helped. Joseph rides his little Spiderman bike with the training wheels from the house all of the way into the lab. Tuesday we went to the community pool in the afternoon, and I will try to go again tomorrow. Next week, Sam is in zoo camp, although Joseph will be home. After we get back from the East Coast, Joseph starts summer session at the ISU daycare, and Sam has a variety of summer camps and activities.

More birthday pictures. Breakfast of champions: turkey bacon, croissants, eggs and strawberries!


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