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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big city shopping

Living in Normal, I look forward to going east to shop for things that are missing in Normal. Here is an overview of some of the goodies that we brought back from Baltimore and New York.

Delicious sauces and rice from Trader Joe's and various other health food stores. The famously rich and delicious Baltimore specialty: Berger's chocolate cookies. My grandma gave me her vintage Sunbeam stand mixer, which still works!

The kids got many fun games from their grandparents and Uncle Mike. Danny and I went to The Apple Store (who knew that such a thing existed? I always bought my Maccessories through the computer store at school) and impulsively bought the Lego Star Wars game for Mac.

I bought the kids a stack of great books and some nice fuzzy yarn at a yard sale on Staten Island (all for $4).

I bought some great reading material unavailable in Normal. I have now completely caught up on my serious feminism and popular culture, my less serious feminism and popular culture, and Judaism and popular culture.

I must share my two favorite ads from Heeb. The first one is for Streit's matzoh (I have actually heard someone make this comment before, but as he was not a cool as the hipster in the ad).

I love this ad for horseradish!!! I have been looking for horseradish all over Normal, but all I have been finding is this weird watery stuff. I have no idea what non-Jewish people do with horseradish, but this product just isn't working for me. I bought proper Jewish horseradish in New York and brought it home in the cooler.

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