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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Couch update

We used our economic stimulus package to buy ourselves a sectional sofa! After our previous unfortunate attempt at a used sofa, we decided to buy a new one. We have never had a sofa that was completely new, so this was a pretty agonizing decision. Danny and I drove 90 minutes out to IKEA Bolingbrook, and spent our entire hour of free child care (hooray for Smälland!) testing out all of our options. The goal was to have something that would be permanent furniture for our rather impermanent existence: attractive furniture that could be easily moved and reconfigured for other houses. We sat and lounged in all the IKEA floor models and even tried carrying around some of them around to determine how hard it would be to move them. This is what we got:

I have always dreamed of having a chaise! (I like to be maximally lazy when I watch T.V.) The couch is roomy enough for all four of us, and maybe someone else. We also got a huge ottoman to expand seating for when we have guests over. With the kids in the car, we could only fit one section and the ottoman in the car at a time. To avoid the $200+ shipping fee, Danny drove us the 90 minutes home, and then turned around and picked up the other section. (What a guy!)

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Linda S. Socha said...

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