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Monday, June 2, 2008

Pedal power

Grandma Dorinda gave Joseph (and Sam) bikes for Joseph's birthday. Joseph was delighted to pick out a Spiderman bike with training wheels and a spider helmet. Joseph is a moody biker: he veers between ecstatically giggling as he speeds down the sidewalk to sulking and refusing to move because he feels that the bike has slighted him in some way.

Happy biker:

Angry biker:

Sam has been struggling to ride a bike for YEARS. In the past, Sam had a pretty negative attitude about his bike, and leaned heavily on Danny without really ever learning to balance for himself. Danny and I frequently argue about this. Danny has been holding Sam upright on his bike for over a year since Sam decided that training wheels were baby-ish while I run alongside yelling "Let go of the damn bike already!"

However, now that Sam has a new bike that fits him (and a cool skull helmet) Sam has finally started to learn to balance himself and ride around a bit. Now he just needs to learn how to start himself without help, and to stop with his breaks, not by aiming for a grassy spot and crashing.

Go Sam go!

Joseph on his first bike!

He's a speedy little fellow!

Sam rides alone and Joseph has a special bonus birthday tantrum.

Sam riding on the quad (and a happier Joseph.)


Beth said...

Oh, I hated learning to ride a bike - it was torture!

Thanks so much for the lovely compliment and handmade birthday gift!!! More formal thank you to follow.

master p., esq. said...

danny looks like the police chasing down a criminal in that first picture. ah, good times parenting.