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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Party at the lake

Danny's brother Mike just got engaged to Karen, and Danny's parents threw an engagement party for the happy couple. The party was at The Lake Club at Clove Lake Park. Although there was a 90% likelihood of rain predicted and the reception was outdoors under a tent, it never did rain. The venue was lovely, and the food was excellent. There was a very diverse buffet with plenty of dairy- (and meat-) free options. Danny's mom asked me to take pictures to document the event, so I have plenty, although I have only posted a few.
Here's Marie and Joe, Danny's folks.

Joseph had a great time playing with his cousins and ate a superhuman amount of food.

Sam also had a great time torturing stuffed animals and playing with his cousins.

Mike's daughter Victoria and Joseph

Mike's oldest son Cameron

Mike's younger son Callahan

Victoria's sister Corey

Callahan and Corey tormenting each other.

The most entertaining thing about The Lake Club is that Clove Lake is filled with giant snapping turtles that really enjoy table scraps.

Because I was in charge of taking the pictures, this is the only picture of me. As you might guess from the angle, it was taken by Joseph. Not such a flattering angle, but that's what I must look like to him.

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