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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Date night on Staten Island

On two of our nights in Staten Island, Danny and I slipped out after we put the kids to bed. On the first night, we got some decaf at Starbucks and went to Alice Austen Park to watch the water. It was after dark but lots of people were hanging out and/or fishing. We found the park for the first time on this trip when we were dropping Argos off at the kennel. As far as I have seen, this park has the best view of the water from Staten Island. You get a good view of the Verrazano bridge and all of the passing giant ships.

Afterwards we went to Dunkin' donuts and had a few bites of a very unsatisfying stale donut. I miss Krispy Kreme. There's one in Bloomington, but I am generally unwilling to drive 4 miles for a donut.

It was a very cute date that I imagine teenagers trapped on Staten Island might have.

The following night we walked to Ralph's Italian ices and wandered around the neighborhood eating ices. I have to say that italian ices are the best thing about Staten Island. I can walk up to the counter and order a non-dairy frozen dessert like a normal person. And there are dozens of choices, too! This time I tried the chocolate and the orange, which tastes like baby aspirin. The whole wandering around aimlessly at night also made me very nostalgic for my high school days.

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