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Friday, June 27, 2008

Normal, again

Vacation is over! We picked up Argos at the kennel--he was very happy to see us and seemed to be clean and healthy--and hit the road. The 14-hour drive back from the East coast was fairly uneventful. Highlights included: (1) a massive convoy of Christian-themed RVs heading for the "Creation Convention" in PA (2) the dumbest cell tower ever--it was fenced off in the middle of a corral full of horses (3) the last all smoking truck stop--there were even ash trays in the bathroom stalls and (4) Sheetz brand bottled latte coffeez.
Here's Danny showing the proper way to cross the Mad River:

I was bored, so I took lots of road pics:

When we got home, everything was perfect. The house smelled like IKEA (pine?) from the new couch. My garden has overgrown like crazy, and some of the new grass that we planted has come in.
I accidentally got my dates mixed up and told the lab that I would be out until the weekend. So rather than going back to work, I laid low and took care of the kids while Danny caught up on his work. The kids and I have been having a great time doing errands, swimming, browsing the comic book store, baking, etc. I should try to go on vacation at home more often!

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Anonymous said...

If I commented on all your blogs, they would always say the same thing: "ha ha ha! you make me laugh! i especially liked the [fill in the blank] and the [fill in the blank]".


haha! funny stuff. i like your take on the world. i love that your daily activities are delightful little adventures with an edge of snark and sarcasm.