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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Saturday we went to Manhattan. Here are some driving pics of bridges and graffiti.

Who is this Youth Moose? I am imagining an awkward teenaged Bullwinkle tagging buildings with his cloven hoof.

We try to go to the American Museum of Natural History at least once a year. It's pretty darn good museum with loads of things to see, although I still miss the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum which had a truly phenomenal kids' room.
This year we saw the planetarium show--we had to show the kids what a real planetarium show looks like to contrast with the craptastic planetarium shows at ISU. We also walked down the Big Bang timeline spiral (with introduction by Maya Angelou) for the first time.
I think that this is the last year that we will drive in to Manhattan, though. Parking at the museum was $27 for 2-4 hours!!!! Tolls for the bridges are also crazy expensive. The kids are old enough that we can probably manage the ferry and subway next time.

Meteor boy!

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