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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Looong weekend

I suppose that around here, it takes a little while to get anywhere. Consequently, Joseph's school extended the Columbus day weekend by declaring Friday a teacher's day. It has been a long weekend indeed. Around here, 90 degrees in October is called "Indian summer" (of course, in California, it is just called "October").
Normal has a comic book store that sells some pretty cheap old comics. The kids have picked up quite a few crumbling yellow Superman and Fantastic Four books. This weekend Joseph wrote a few of his own comics, entitled" Attack of Black Robot," and "Attack of Letter Man." Sam has been writing his own comics for years. This weekend he is working on "Ice Man versus Darkness."
This weekend we bought costumes for the kids. Here are Sam and Joseph as vampires

Saturday we all went to see a matinee of the 1954 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea with Kirk Douglas and James Mason at the historic Normal Theatre. The kids really seemed to enjoy it, although Joseph kept asking for plot clarification every few minutes for the entire two hours. Sam said that he liked the scenes where the divers were gathering food underwater. In addition to the other foraging scenes, this film shows pairs of divers carrying (tasty?) sea turtles by the flippers in some kind of undersea perp walk--I was rather alarmed. Joseph said that he liked the part where the sailor saved Captain Nemo by cutting off the giant squid's tentacle. I believe that entire theater was aware of Joseph's feelings on this subject, as he stood up and yelled "AWESOME!" at the top of his lungs. On an unrelated note, I must say that Kirk Douglas was wearing the tightest pants that I have ever seen on a non-Chippendale's-type performer. And it was a fine view indeed.

Sunday, we made nasty pink fudge from Sam's book "Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes." The kids seemed to enjoy it, though.

Other weekend highlights: we went to the Children's Museum. Here, Sam and Joseph diagnose a patient

Joseph and Argos relaxing on the kitchen floor. Admit it--you lie around on the kitchen floor when you think that no one is looking. Mmmmm... crusty crumbs.


Beth said...

Yeah, I'll admit it. I think Kirk Douglas is a fox. Although, I am more partial to Spartacus.

Anonymous said...

Another amusing entry. Most grateful indeed, as my life is high in activity but low in such high quality events such as yours. Thank you for your share.