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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apple and Pork Festival

Last weekend we went to the Apple and Pork Festival in Clinton. We had apples. We had pork. The kids pet farm animals and learned about how corn is milled. I found out that a taffy apple is just a caramel apple made by an old person. Here are some of the highlights.

There were many many craft (and crap) booths. You got your birdhouses made out of license plates, homemade candles, and lawn pigs

Reenactor brass band? Was the civil war between the apples and pigs?

Sam was really into the tractors. Joseph not so much.

An antique steam tractor.

Click here for the local newspaper article on the event


Jessica Malisch said...

mmmm, apples, pork, mmmm

Beth said...

You are sooo living in the midwest.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe the Civil War was fought between the Pigs and the Apples. But I'm still unsure about who won. Did they tell you that at the festival?

Mom said...

I love the pictures and the comments. I feel like I were there!

Mom said...
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