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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why is my desk the center of the universe?

As part of the graduation and leaving process, I consolidated and organized all of my work and home office files to minimize redundancy and inefficiency. I also dumped my file cabinet full of papers in favor of pdfs. Now, if I have a wireless signal, I can work pretty much anywhere. This week I abandoned crashy EndNote for Bookends ( as my reference software. Bookends lets you download citations and abstracts and also attach pdfs to your references and sort them in whatever groupings you want. I strongly recommend it over EndNote!

When I moved to Normal, I set up a nice home work space for myself in Danny's office. My desk is in a picture window with plenty of light. I think that the fact that people are constantly passing by my window motivates me to be (or at least look) busy. (Also, I have to remember to sit like a lady when I wear a skirt.) Lately, however, I have noticed that I have been having trouble getting work done at my desk at home. The assorted gremlins hiding under my desk and sleeping in the curtains may explain this problem. I have always had a rule that no one (other than me) is allowed to put anything on my desk, or take anything off of my desk. I guess that I should have also stipulated that no one is allowed to put anything under my desk either. The kids like to set up a fort of pillows under my desk so that they can wave to all the ISU students passing by. The dog also likes to wedge himself under the desk to watch squirrels.

My desk; desk gremlins; curtain gremlin

Got ticks?

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Beth said...

What adorable gremilins!