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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kid art

Here are some of Joseph's latest drawings. As described by the artist:
"This is Robin and Corndadorn. They are babies with superpowers. Robin is good, and Corndadorn is bad. Robin is in the good army and Corndadorn is in the bad army. They are in the superbaby movie."

"This is female and male firepincherbugs. The female is trying to catch a fly, and the male is devouring a ladybug. They both buzz."

The angry young artist

But what does it all mean? Robin and Corndadorn look very similar. Is that meant to demonstrate the artificiality of a dichotomy between good and evil? Why does Robin have wings on his hips while Cordadorn has wings on his shoulders?
Why does the female firepincherbug have two wings while the male has four? Why is the female bug struggling to catch a fly while the male is succeeding? Is this an illustration of the struggle of women to achieve gender equity?


suze said...

hooray! i found your blog! hope things are swell in Ill. We miss you terribly at SnB. And my kitties miss your plastic bag waste :(.

Susan said...

Hi Susan!
How are you doing? Now that I am not commuting, I am getting very little crocheting done. However, I am getting ever closer to finishing that plastic bag purse. I'll post a picture when I finally finish.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Your kid is a genius!

Omygosh, you make me laugh.


PS Corndadorn???