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Monday, September 24, 2007

Fell Fest

Saturday was the Fell Fest in Normal. Jesse Fell was the founding father of Normal: he was kind of like Johnny Appleseed, developing parks and planting trees. As it happens, we live one block from Fell Park, the oldest park in Normal. It is a cute little 2-acre park with a newish climbing structure, and some cool old things like an excavator toy in the sandbox, metal horses and one of those go-rounds that kids like to use to get nauseated/break bones jumping off of. (Who was I talking to recently about the fact that most parks no longer have working go-rounds due to litigious parents?) There is also a softball field, a basketball court and horseshoes. At the center of the park is a brick water tower that the local kids claim has a witch living at the top. Our kids are regulars at the park and were asked to participate in the children's parade. Attached are some pics of the event.
A Jesse Fell re-enactor delivering a stirring speech. Note the woman in old-timey dress with the video camera.

The car show, complete with the winner of the 1944 soap box derby

The children's parade with Sam and Joseph. (They won a prize!)

Sam playing a little corn-hole (they call it "bags" here).

Argos had a great time at the Fest meeting people and dogs. He especially enjoyed drinking the soapy water for making bubbles.
Click here for the local newspaper article on the event

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