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Monday, September 24, 2007

My softball injury

The Department of Biological Sciences at ISU is divided between two buildings, and a softball game was organized to settle the rivalry. I was playing third base, and I managed to block Bill Perry who was the runner. He is a big tall athletic guy, and his knee must have smashed some muscles in my leg. (I have since found various other minor bruises.) It was a very public venue in which to get injured, so it created quite a response from people. Everyone automatically blames Bill because of the size and status difference, (he is faculty) which is kind of funny, because it was clearly both of our faults. It is Monday, now, and my leg is still killing me. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow--I haven't run Argos in three days, and he is getting kind of squirrely.

On a related note, I used to play softball quite often when I was larger, and I never ended up getting as seriously squashed as I did on Saturday. I presume that this is just a F= m x a kind of thing. Since I have been smaller, I find it harder to carry heavy loads. I also tend to get cold more easily than I used to. Everyone makes such a big deal about being fit and healthy, but if being fit means that you are smaller, there are some definite disadvantages. Everthing else is still the same size, but is larger relative to me. I also have a larger surface to volume ratio, and less insulation, which would explain the problem with cold. At the softball game, I was also bummed out to realize that although I get a lot more exercise than I used to, and I have some visible muscles in my arms, I STILL can't throw a ball from deep outfield to the infield.

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