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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help--I'm being held hostage by crickets

Somehow I decided to do this experiment that is 8 hours long, with scan samples every 5 minutes. Basically, I sit here in the dark quietly waiting for crickets to mate, and if they do, I have to quickly snatch up the spermatophore before the female eats it, and weigh it. This is day 2 of a possible 4-5 days. I feel like Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron who had headphones that played an earsplitting noise every 5 minutes to prevent him from having any meaningful thoughts. I think that my brain is actually shrinking. (Maybe more like Flowers for Algernon?)
On the plus side, I am listening to a decent Spoon concert on npr and someone must be cooking breakfast in the lab, because it smells like whole grain toast in here. I am also teaching myself the code to do repeated measures on SPSS, but that all is going rather slowly, what with the damn crickets and all.

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