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Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Halloween pictures

Here are Sam and Joseph about to go Trick-or-Treating. I didn't think to buy costume make-up, but as we were getting ready for Trick-or-Treating, Sam asked about it. I am quite smug that I was able to do Sam's make-up out of things from my own make-up box. The pale skin is my palest blemish concealer, the widow's peak is copper smudgeable eyeliner, the eyebrows and undereye rings are eyeshadow from my "smokey-eye" kit, and the blood is lip pencil. The orange fangs or "thangs" as Joseph calls them, are not actually part of the Oscar the Grouch costume. However, I don't recall that we ever saw Oscar's teeth on Sesame Street, so who am I to say that he wasn't a vampire.

Joseph on Halloween parade at the Mulberry school

Halloween party at the Mulberry school

Halloween get-together at our place. I made a big punch bowl of Spellbinder , which was green, but quite good

Costume idea for next year? Jeff as a nested ANOVA


Andrew said...

Do you think we'll be able to invite people to OUR house when our kids are a little older? I wouldn't even consider it right now. We have a week's worth of dishes sitting in the sink at any one time...

Susan said...

Hi Andrew!
Have hope! Our house has never been as tidy as before we had kids, but no big deal. I figure that it makes people feel better to know that although I have succeeded in having both a career and un-messed up kids, my house could be cleaner. Also, kids dig a house party and they lend a certain ambiance. Even grown-ups who are not fans of kids love to play with toys, and we have loads of Legos and Playmobile.