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Friday, November 9, 2007


Last week the Mythbusters came to ISU. Mythbusters is arguably Sam and Joseph's favorite show. (Joseph is conflicted whether he favors Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs .) I think that Mythbusters is a great show--it is really the only show on television that breaks down the scientific process in a way that has dramatic appeal (explosions, robots, gore, etc). The premise of the show is to scientifically test the validity of common myths ranging from whether toast always lands butter side down to whether cell phones actually interfere with airplane navigation systems. The ISU newspaper reported that undisclosed team members of Mythbusters would appear. Sam was hoping for Grant Imahara , because he is the builder of Sam's favorite battlebot, however, it was Tory and Kari. At least 200 people showed up, and a good time was had by all. Sam's favorite part was a showing of Tory's screen test in which he tested the myth that women do not fart.

Grant, Kari and Tory

Grant and Deadblow


Anonymous said...

Sooo... DO women fart? I'm dying to know... and my stomach hurts real bad.

Susan said...

Poor Kim!
By taping a eavesdropping device under a table in a burrito shack, Tory found that women do make some strange eruptive noises. Maybe a vocabulary change is in order. I have heard it said that men sweat but women glisten, maybe men fart but women effervesce?