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Friday, November 9, 2007


Ken Fedorka came to give a seminar at ISU. He gave a good talk about sexual conflict. I ate a lot of excellent free meals and drank WAY too much. It was really great to have someone to hang out with. Now he's gone. (Sigh.)
Apparently, now that Ken is faculty with grad students of his own, he has developed a sense of dignity, and removed from the web his high school prom pictures. (Picture if you will: powder blue tux and mullet.) So, in order to keep him humble, I will post these pictures from Evolution in Ft. Collins.


Jessica Malisch said...

Ohhhhh Fedorka! It has been too long! Great post, I love the pics! Hee hee

Beth said...

Convertable decorations! Brilliant.

I miss you too, and pass it on to Danny that Matt really misses him too.