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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fat lip and Fall concert

Joseph building a soothing blue refuge for Heatblast. For some reason, this reminded me of a bowerbird.

So why don't more people enjoy taking the time to make floor angels in the kitchen? When Joseph was finished, the back of his fleece pajamas was delicately interwoven with dog hair and crumbs. The floor, however, was visibly cleaner.

Joseph drawing something with lots of explosions.

Yesterday, Joseph was playing a game on the swings with some friends, and ended up with a bruise on his forehead and a grotesquely swelled upper lip. There was apparently a lot of bleeding. This morning, Danny got him ready for school. When I took his coat off at school, I realized that it was caked with dried blood--it looked like he had been SLAUGHTERING SHEEP in it. I had to clean the coat in the school bathroom.
Recently, Joseph has gotten addicted to this computer game in which he helps Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) bake cakes and cookies. At first, this inspired Joseph to help me bake. He was full of arguments about how I was using too much or too little of various ingredients according to Rabbit's recipes. However, yesterday he passed up an opportunity to bake real cookies with me so that he could bake virtual cookies with Rabbit. Last night the cord that plugs the computer into the wall mysteriously disappeared...

Joseph with a fat lip baking real and virtual cookies.

Sam has been preparing for his Fall concert at school. Doesn't he look nice? Here he is demoing his lovely singing voice.

The third grade Fall concert. Sam is line leader, so he is at the bottom left.

Argos enjoying snuggling up to the repulsive rental carpet.

Today I came home to find that my house had been transformed into the Starship Enterprise.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful! have a great holiday. are you going to do thanksgiving?

your kids are cute.