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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Urine luck

Argos is a late bloomer. He clearly has no idea that he is 105 lbs, and he tends to be submissive around other dogs. Although he is almost 1.5 years old, he lifted his leg for the first time today. Our neighbors have a nasty little chihuahua that they allow to relieve itself outside our fence. Today the little rat was marking the perimeter of our fence. When he got to where Argos was standing, he peevishly urinated through the fence at Argos. Argos had been intently watching the whole display and shakily attempted to lift his own leg. He let loose a blast of pee and directly hit the little dog. Argos must have soaked the chihuahua with at least 200 ml of urine. The visibly damp chihuahua was clearly shaken and ran home.

Argos at the dog park

Argos is very popular at the Normal Dog Park. He gets along well with every dog that he's ever met (even mean dogs) and gets all the dogs up and running.

Argos and his girlfriend (grrlfriend?) Lucy

Argos' other girlfriend Bella gets jealous


Beth said...

Yay Argos! Scarlett says, "way to go buddy!"

Anonymous said...

Last night, we discussed Urine Luck and had a good laugh over it. Thanks for sharing your funny-ness! Hope things are still going Normally for you.