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Monday, October 15, 2007

Spread the Red

Last weekend we were in the ISU Homecoming parade--Joseph's school made a float. The theme of homecoming was "Spread the Red," which sounds like a venereal disease. Argos was in the parade too. He was surprisingly popular, and took a couple of detours from the parade route to get a pet. He is a remarkably mellow dog, especially considering how many random phobias he had when we got him from the rescue. He was not phased by crowds, Ronald McDonald, the circus guys on stilts, or the giant furry red birds. However, he still has a phobia of buses, and when we walked past the bus stop (no buses in sight--the streets were closed), he sat down and I had to drag him to get him jump-started.

The Mulberry School float

Argos waiting for the parade to start and doing his best alligator impression

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