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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween at the Planetarium

My lab at ISU is approximately 8 feet from the ISU planetarium. So, of course, whenever there is a new show, I take the kids. The planetarium is really old school, and has that dusty old museum smell to it. This week we went to the Halloween show. It was really cheesy, as anticipated. First, there was 25 minutes of some kind of a "dancing laser pointer" show on the dome, roughly choreographed to mystical music. I can only guess that the target audience was supposed to be stoned?
Next was a series of ghost stories. The pre-recorded narrator read the whole script with this folksy and amiable but oddly inexpressive voice. The more gruesome the story, the more people started snickering because the delivery was so incongruous. "And then he cut off her finger..." The visuals were also pretty cheesy--each story only had one or two generic pictures to go with it. Joseph apparently hadn't figured out that the stories were supposed to be scary. I asked him what he thought the cats in "Wait until Martin Gets Here," were going to do to the lost hiker when Martin got there. Joseph told me that "The cats would probably do tricks like in the circus or something."

What I was imagining that the laser show would be like

What the laser show was actually like

The ISU planetarium star thingy

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