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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apples! Pork!

It's festival season! This weekend we went to the Apple and Pork festival in Clinton. Last year I was enthused about this thing. This year less so. Half of the festival is really awful kitsch and crap. Which would be fine to skip over if not for the fact that the kids wanted to check out every stupid booth. Literally every booth contained either overpriced cheap crap (John Deere 'collectibles,' bejeweled factory-made clay dragons, T-shirts with trashy slogans, VHS tapes, non-interesting yard-sale items) or terrible crafts (handmade Halloween and Christmas decor, 'witty' yard signs, potpourri and scented candles, and the ubiquitous license plate birdhouse).

We had some sliced apples with 'caramel,' funnel cake and sausages while we watched the decent live entertainment. So why doesn't anyone every come up with food to sell that combines apples and pork? Apple pork sausage? Apples crisps with pork rinds?

The kids enjoyed the scarecrow contest. Surprisingly, SpongeBob did not win--it must be rigged! Check out the perfect little ear of corn Plankton!

We also stayed to watch some women demonstrate how to weave lace, which was pretty awesome!

The kids had a good time at the petting zoo. Sam walked slowly around doling out one crumb to each animal. Joseph gave half of his grain to the rabbit, and the other half to this entertaining llama.

Engines! Engines! Engines! Also cool antique tractors, horse-drawn carriages and antique farm equipment. NPR had a story the other day about antique tractors as the next big investment collectible. (What? Ordinarily I would say that it must have been a slow news day, but lately with the election and the end of the world and whatnot there are no slow news days.)

"Once again, the conservative, sandwich-heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor"

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