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Friday, October 10, 2008

20 outfits

When I was an undergrad at Johns Hopkins, I had this great Linguistics teacher. She was a young Iranian woman who was probably on her first teaching job. She was a fantastic lecturer and she was very committed to teaching us. However, I always found it vaguely depressing that she seemed to have only two skirts and three tops. Although she was always very smartly attired, the three skirts and two tops always made me think of how she probably came here with a couple of suitcases and maybe some boxes of books. Perhaps she was living in a sparse apartment filled with rented furniture. Perhaps the (1990's) unfavorably exchange rate made it hard for her to buy things here, or maybe she needed to send money home?
Anyhow, when I lecture, I always have the vague feeling that I am wearing the same outfit over and over again. So this time, I took a photo of what I wore for personal reference. I finished teaching this week. Here's a half-semester's worth of teaching outfits!


NadiaThinks said...

fantastic did you take the pictures? did you set the camera on a tripod?

now i have to do that...i've been noticing co-workers doubling outfits and it's made me so outfit conscious!

Beth said...

wow! it must be much warmer down there in normal. I wear like turtle necks and scarves to teach mostly (I do teach at night - so that may make a difference). It's hard since my teaching wardrobe is still pretty california. great idea.

Susan said...

Nice to meet you Nadia! My husband took the pictures each morning before work (and before I managed to get myself dirty and wrinkled). Having pics of past outfits made me dig deeper into my closet and try different combinations.
Hi Beth! It has been scorching all semester. Today (October 11) it was over 80 degrees! Lucky for me--I usually lecture only during the summers, so 90% of my lecturing clothes are for hot weather.

Anonymous said...

I see many more possibilities. Seriously, isn't there anyway you can make you into a cyber paperdoll and we can click on the top and bottom clothing item we want to see matched together and then you will have to wear THAT!
PS I'm not really anonymous, but I can't remember my Blogger Identity!
Love, MaryJane