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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soggy bottom dinner

I have been kind of crabby all day, so tonight we decided to go out for dinner. After much agonizing and menu comparison (did I mention that the food here in Normal sucks!) we finally decided to eat at the Hayashi Teppan grill. The ambiance was very pleasant, and the reasonably priced food that the other people were eating looked very tasty, so I was pretty happy with our restaurant choice.
We were seated and had picked out our entrees when I heard a crash and felt a gallon of ice-cold water flooding down over my back. A clumsy waiter had managed to spill an entire tray of ice-water glasses on me! Various waitstaff people rushed over with napkins, but I was soaked to the bone. I could tell that my underwear was saturated with freezing water and my dress was clinging to me in a manner entirely inappropriate for a family restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at me, so all I could do was stand up and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Luckily, Danny remembered my purse.

photo by A. Morell

Soggy underwear or no, the kids still needed food so we stopped at Famous Dave's and got carry-out. As it happened, the ribs were delicious: they were lean and the BBQ sauce was "St. Louis style" which I had never had before. The sides were all fantastic, but the coleslaw was the best coleslaw that I had ever tasted! The cabbage was fresh and crisp, and the dressing was light and tangy. So, not entirely a bad night out!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. That story made me laugh out loud!!!

Sooo funny... seriously, when does that EVER happen?? I have NEVER heard in MY LIFE of a waiter dumping ICE WATER down a polite and seated customer's back!!

I'm sorry that happened to you! But indeed, I am deriving much pleasure from your mishap.

Beth said...

OMG! I hope they gave you a coupon for a free meal at least.

Anonymous said...

Did you forgive me for laughing yet?

Susan said...

Hi Kim,
Of course I forgive you for laughing. It was a pretty good 'dining out' story. At least it wasn't some work-related function. At least it wasn't a work-related function with Marlene. (Oh wait--the last time I went out to eat with Marlene, I seriously burned my hand and had to soak it in the water pitcher.)
It could be better, though. The restaurant didn't offer me a discounted/free meal or anything. (I guess that they figured that the free ice water that I soaked up was compensation enough?)