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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Potluck and also some bad luck

We had a lab potluck this weekend. We had kind of a theme: Election 2008. There was Senate three-bean salad, No-emissions chili, McCain-aroni salad, and an Uncle Sam mashed potato head made by Sam and Joseph. I made a white Sangria, and people brought plenty of beer, wine and cider. For dessert we had red-white-and-blue layer cake and cheesecake. It was quite a spread!

Afterwards we played Cranium. Joseph had a minor meltdown when he didn't get the playing piece that he wanted, but he recovered and actually helped our team win a point. Also, Sam was having some sportsmanship issues. Due to the aforementioned problems, and also the dog's squirrellyness, Danny and I were distracted and did not play so well as we usually do.

I neglect to mention:
Why is the dog squirrely? Friday afternoon Argos busted into the garden and chewed on Penny the box turtle. He gnawed on the edge of her shell and caused some minor breakage and bleeding. Danny took Penny to the vet ($80) where she got an antibiotic injection (it took many vet techs to wrestle her out of her shell). She has to go back Tuesday for a follow-up injection. Also, the dog is on everyone's shit list.
Why is Danny distracted? He has been having cluster headaches all week. He has 1-2 per night, so he is not getting enough sleep. He takes Imitrex, which works well but is hard to find in stock in local pharmacies.
Why am I distracted? Check out previous blog entries.

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