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Monday, September 15, 2008

More vandalism and swimming

So we have these chairs on our porch. They were rejects from my dorm at Johns Hopkins and were already quite elderly in 1992 when I got them. I have been hanging on to them because they have vintage appeal, although they really need to be recovered in a less industrial fabric. We used to have the chairs in our house, but after an incident with a hungry roof rat, the chairs have been relegated to the outdoors. As you may have inferred from past posts, our house is in a high-traffic area. We are near the uptown bars and student off-campus houses, so drunk students constantly casually vandalize our yard/car/etc.

Last weekend, someone stole one of the chairs. After confirming that the chair wasn't used to smash some other part of our property, I did a sweep of the neighborhood and found it thrown in a tree-lawn a block away.
This weekend, I came out in the morning to find the chairs piled up in front of our door, blocking the way out of the house. There were torrential storms in the night, so I conclude that drunk students were hanging out on the porch to avoid the rain and then decided to prank us. So random!

Also, there was another faculty/staff family swim day at the ISU pool. We all had an excellent time. Sam is an even stronger swimmer than last summer, which is surprising given that we weren't quick enough to get him into swim classes this summer. Joseph is still resisting swimming, although he was willing to tiptoe around without getting his face wet. The last three times we swam at this pool, Joseph ended up with an ear infection, so let's hope that he will be OK this time.