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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swimming and consequences

Sunday the ISU Faculty/Staff Wellness Program had a Free Family Pool Day. The kids were very excited to swim--they haven't been since the summer. I guess that swimming outdoors all winter every winter in California caused me to have a tan all the time, so I thought that that was my natural color. Only recently have I realized that I am actually pale and varicose-veiny. I swim a couple of times week at ISU during Faculty/Staff swim, but all the other swimmers are old men so I figure that they probably can't see me very well. It was really not so tasty to walk around all cold, wet, pale and blotchy in front of people. I think that my hair froze on the way home. The kids had a great time.

However, as a result of this adventure (and despite the silicon ear plugs), Joseph got an ear infection. Joseph has ear tubes, so he actually has EAR FLUID COMING OUT OF HIS EARS. We had to find a pediatrician in Normal. Joseph was prescribed ear drops FOUR TIMES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS. How can such a medication exist? Has the drug company ever tried to put eardrops in a 4-year-old? Danny will have to show up at Joseph's school every day to administer one of the doses.

Also, some A-hole decided to break our headlight. The car was parked serenely in our driveway, but perhaps it insulted one of the drunken undegrads walking down the sidewalk? (I would also like to point out that in 8 years of Rubidoux and Riverside, no one ever vandalized either of our cars.) Replacing the headlight cover requires removing the front bumper, so we actually have to have this repaired in a body shop.


Beth said...

I am so pale! And I actually live super close to the sun, but my skin is hiding under all of these clothes! Stupid winter. CA has spoiled me.

Anonymous said...

What is that disgusting fuzzy thing with the blue tube in it? My imagination has convinced me that I might just barf. Is it supposed to be gross?

Susan said...

Hi Kim,

That's an eardrum with an ear tube in it. Is that more or less disgusting than whatever you were imagining?