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Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Sam and Joseph made their Valentine's day cards for school. For whatever reason, they both chose the theme of Godzilla attacking the city with hearts. I think that Joseph may have thought of it first.

Madison is Joseph's Valentine. Joseph and Madison play together nearly all of the time, and he recently told me that "Madison is my girlfriend." Joseph also told me that one day he would marry Madison (after he asked me to marry him, and I told him that I was already married).

Sam likes to do a male and female version of his Valentines and I am not entirely sure why. I asked him if he thought that the girls wouldn't like Godzilla too, he thought not. He told me that "The girls would prefer a more feminine card" (he pronounces it "fem-i-9" because he has clearly never heard anyone say it aloud). Personally, I would rather get the Godzilla card, or maybe Gamera.


Anonymous said...

I like the heart at the bottom that appears to have been sliced open and is now festering with infectiousness and pus. That speaks to me.

Happy V Day Susan.

Jessica and Adam said...

what kim said!

Beth said...

You have some very talented children. But, who is "Joey"?

Susan said...

I wish that it was a festering heart rather than Sam gender sterotyping the artistic preferences of 3rd grade girls. I think that the detail is supposed to be a "feminine" pattern--frilly and meaningless? Aargh!
Joseph has decided to call himself Joey at school. I asked him if I was supposed to call him "Joey" at home, but he told me I could keep calling him "Joseph." Sigh.