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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleepless and homeless?

This was not a good weekend for sleeping. Our landlord told us that he would be coming to the house Saturday at 9 am to do some repair work, so we had to be up early. Some much-needed repairs were made, as well as much random puttering and arbitrary tree-trimming.

Our landlord also told us that he would be coming to the house Sunday at 9 am to do some clean-up because a realtor was coming at 10 am. He said that the realtor would give advice about repairs that needed to be done to sell the house in the future. We woke up bright and early Sunday, started cleaning the house, and waited. Our landlord showed up at 9:45 with the realtor (45 minutes late or 15 early?) After a tour of the house, they retreated to the driveway where I heard them discussing asking price. Our landlord is a pretty shrewd guy, and I would guess that if he can find a buyer, he will break our contract and evict us. However, I bet that he won't try to sell the house until he finishes repairs because he knows that he will get more money if it is move-in ready. So, hopefully we have a place to live until the beginning of the summer.

Finding a new house may be hard because we don't want to move out of our neighborhood and switch Sam's school. Consequently, Sunday night I didn't sleep well, and today we have started looking for a new place to live.

The landlord

Update Tues 9/23: Our landlord called us to tell us that he may not be selling the house--he said that he would tell us in January. I figure that we will continue the house hunting. If we find something good and are in a position to sign a lease, perhaps he will be motivated to decide sooner.


Anonymous said...

OMG I've never seen that Will Farrell clip!!! How did they get that baby to scream those awesome things???

master p., esq. said...

maybe you've seen this, but i thought i'd point you to it just in case. it's the second pearl/farrell video, entitled "good cop, baby cop".

Beth said...

oh no! I hope you find a great new place in the same neighborhood!