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Friday, September 5, 2008


Today was my birthday. I am a little unclear about what one is supposed to do when they are old and have a birthday. The kids were frenetically excited about it the night before, but I was unable to convey to them that nothing much was going to happen. In the morning, Danny gave me flowers and had put up some decorations. I got some lovely presents: a necklace with a cricket on it and a book from Danny (Creepy Cute Crochet), two books from my sister Michelle (Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet and Nigella Express), and my mom and parents-in-law were very thoughtful and sent gift money.

Nuclear daisies

Joseph gave me a box of babies for my birthday. Yikes!

I went to work for 9 hours. No one in the lab remembered that it was my birthday (despite the birthday list posted next to the lab contact info), and it would be weird to mention it. I bake cake for people in the lab on their birthdays, so I would guess that it co-dependently makes it so that other people are not in the habit of remembering birthdays. I had a decent but uneventful day. My lecture on learning and bird song went well. Also, I discovered that the ISU library has started subscribing to Web of Science--my favorite research tool! And I finally got a bike! Danny answered an ad in the Pantagraph, and we bought two ancient his and hers (a matching set!) fixed gear Sears and Roebuck Free Spirit bikes for $40. I left work early and went home to bake a cake with the kids. We went out to dinner at Medici's. The food was excellent--I had the best burger and the best slow-cooked chicken that I have tasted in ages! We came home and decorated (and ate) the cake.

You can never add too many non-pareils!

Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting with pomegranate jelly filling and raspberries and blueberries (and plenty of non-pareils and a monkey on top).

Update Monday 5/8: I got a nice card and treats from my labmates, which was really great. At this age, I can't say that I care that much if people forget my birthday, but it's like an extra bonus if they remember.
Also, here's a picture of our dorktastic new bikes:


Anonymous said...

Doh! Happy belated birthday!!! I used to be good at birthdays. No longer.

I am excited about your new Sears Robucks Free Spirit bikes. My parents had a pair of his and hers (green for boys, yellow for girls... or was it the other way around?). I always thought they were soooo coool. You lucky girl. Post photos if you have a chance!!

suze said...

awesome bikes! glad to see you had an awesome birthday! :)

Jessica and Adam said...

Does Danny get the one with the basket??

Beth said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Those bikes are awesome - I am totally having basket envy. We got new matching, blue bikes as well last week, although ours unfortunately lack the vintage appeal and hurt our pocket books a bit more.