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Monday, May 19, 2008

Return of the Farmer's Market

The Bloomington Farmer's Market has started up again! There was not so much produce today due to the extremely cold winter. However, there were plenty of herbs, vegetables and flowers for sale, and I am very excited about my new heirloom tomato plants. There was organic popcorn, cheese, honey, eggs and meat. Also, everyone's favorite: soap made out of goat milk (I hope that it makes you smell like a goat). The kids ate tremendous quantities of cheese curds and french bread. Sam took pictures, which I posted on his blog.

The alpaca woman was at the Farmer's Market plying her wares.

Sam met a Lincoln re-enator who let Sam wear his stovepipe hat. Apparently Lincoln and Mary Todd are trying to start a business giving tours of historically haunted places in Bloomington.

Squeaky fresh locally made organic cheese curds.

Mmmm...heirloom tomatoes. I like mine without eyes.


Beth said...

Alpaca Lady!!! If the fresh cheese curds weren't enough to make me heirloom tomato green with envy, the alpaca lady certainly did. What does this alpaca lady ask for her wares?

Grandma Dorinda said...

I really miss the farmer's market in Riverside. I will have to visit your new discovery.

Susan said...

Hi Beth and Mom,

The alpaca lady charges a pretty penny for her wares: usually @ $20 for a wee little skein. Also, she is rather difficult to talk to, so I have stopped stopping by for fiber small-talk. (Too bad!)

Anonymous said...

Cheese curds... well, you are what you eat?