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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The main event

Michelle and Rich's wedding was lovely. There was torrential rain again in the morning, but it cleared up in the middle of the ceremony, which was nice. The wedding and reception were at Mooreland Mansion in Willoughby, which had a beautiful garden, and is also was very elegant inside.
I was busy doing matron of honor things for much of the evening, so Danny was in charge of the camera. Consequently, there are not so many pictures of the typical things that one might like (such as the ceremony, the bride, the groom or family). So to anyone who was at the wedding: please send me pictures!

Michelle and Rich walk blurrily down the aisle. (I was trying to subtly gesticulate to Danny to take more pictures!!!!)

Michelle, Rich and the rabbi. (From my angle at the ceremony, she had kind of an Alanis Morissette vibe "Thank you India...")

The wedding party

Me, Michelle and Mom

Mom and I. Doesn't Mom look nice! And the flowers coordinate with her dress.
I am not entirely delighted with my hair. The torrential rain in the morning (as well as standing outside in the rain at the museum) really frizzed up my hair beyond my ability to calm it.

Here we are showing some flower power. Who is this dude behind us?

The first dance. It was a very cute Fred and Ginger homage. All those years of swing dancing certainly paid off!

Everyone dance!

Saul and Martha dancing.

Michelle and Rich dancing. That kind of looks like me dancing with some dude in the background, but rest assured it was not me, but Sara, Michelle's roommate from college.

An Abu Ghraib thumbs up from the both of us.

Joseph working the stairs.

Danny and I attempting to get a decent couple photo. I would give this one a C+. We looked pretty good in person, though.

Amy and Melissa looking lovely.

Kyle and Aron, the newest addition to the Roseman family.

Grandma Martha and Aron.

Sam catches up on his Spiderman-related reading.

Howard and Joseph.

Ben and Joseph doing important work in the boardroom.

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