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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rehearsal dinner

Friday night we went to Michelle and Rich's rehearsal dinner at Night Town. It was a lovely place with great food (especially the cake)! Everyone had a great time despite the torrential rain which started leaking into the terrace.

Here's the happy couple.

Here's an estimated projection of Michelle and Rich one year later...

Many family members came, including Grandpa Howard and Grandma Trish (my dad and step-mom) who came up from Florida.

Grandma Martha and Grandpa Saul made it up here from Baltimore despite numerous bathroom breaks, getting lost and being stopped by the police.

There's Grandma Dorinda (my mom)!

My dad and uncle got to hang out and reminisce. Here is a picture of them in the 70's (with giant Jewfros) and now.

It was great to see everyone. After the 7-hour drive, the kids started to become a little crabby and twitchy. Joseph was drugged up with ibuprofen because he was fighting a cold. Sam, who is usually very patient with Joseph started to lose his cool, so we gave him the camera and let him amuse himself. I will post some of the pictures on Sam's blog.

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