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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Joseph had his Spring Program tonight. I fear that it was the first (but likely not the last) time that Danny and I embarrassed him publicly. Joseph was very excited to perform, but when all eyes turned to him, he unconsciously busted out in a series of socially inappropriate behaviors: picking his nose, checking out his crotch, itching his stomach, then sticking his arm into his shirt to scratch his armpit.

Eventually, Danny and I were sobbing with laughter and we literally has tears running down our cheeks. All of the other parents and kids were staring at us, but, unfortunately, it was unstoppable.

Here's Joseph presenting his imaginary animal. The big laugh from the crowd is because Joseph seemed so crestfallen when he was told that there was not enough time for everyone to be a tigrant, too.

After Joseph was done with his presentation he visibly wet his pants. I had to snag him out of the line-up to change his pants. Clearly, Joseph is rather old for potty accidents, however, he was not at all perturbed. The J-man is so confident in himself that he does not care at all that he peed himself in front of a classroom full of his peers and their families. People spend a lifetime in therapy for that kind of self-confidence.


Grandma Dorinda said...

It's amazing that you caught all of this on film. I am glad you have a good sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's sweet and hilarious! He has a thing for his crotch, no? My nephew does too...

I loved his tigrant production.

Beth said...

Matt and I just about peed our pants watching/reading this. My eyes are quite wet.

When I was five, I lifted my dress above my head at my school sing and I wet my pants in public until I was 13, and I turned out mostly okay, so you have little to worry about.