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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One of us*

Sigh... It finally happened. I lost my link to Web of Science, the best scientific search engine of them all. I have been logging in using my UC Riverside account for the last 9 months, but today my account was rejected. Illinois State University is a relatively small school: it has a patchwork of lesser academic search engines and subscribes to only about half of the journals that I need.

Also, I have 52 days until my site license for JMP expires, and I have to decide whether to wrangle a new license, try to figure out how to get SPSS to do my bidding (I have SPSS, but it and I have a love-hate relationship), or return to the dreaded (but omnipotent) SAS.
So UCR has cut me off. I would guess that my UCR email account will disappear soon, so everyone please use my ISU (ilstu) email account.

I suppose that I was just a little bit smug when I got here with my doctorate from a big UC school with seemingly limitless access to resources. I also had good hair and decently fashionable clothes. Well, now I have no Web of Science, no unlimited journal access or stats software. I have lost my tan. Also, all of my clothes are worn out and I can't replace them. So, I am no longer big city; I am just as Normal as everyone else.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, just give up, Susan. Cut your hair like Marlene and Daphne and start wearing muumuus that you acquire in whatever weird town you happen to be visiting. You know you want to...