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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old Packas

Last Friday Joseph had a class trip to the Alpaca farm (or "Old Packa" farm, as he called it). Danny was scheduled to drive, and I was between experiments, so I came along. Here's a van full of kids making monkey noises.

There were plenty of dandelions.

Interesting facts about alpacas:
Alpacas have specific areas where they all poop together. (I wonder if they go together in pairs to dish about the other alpacas?)
Alpaca poop is small and pellety
Alpacas don't like to be petted or touched. (WTH! I would totally be cheesed off to spend all day scooping poop for a bunch of ingrates who ate my food but wouldn't deign to allow their fabulous fleece to be petted.)

Some alpaca fiber facts from the Pantagraph:
Alpaca was known as the “fiber of gods” in ancient times
Alpaca is as soft as cashmere and comes in 22 natural colors
Alpaca is stronger and lighter, yet warmer, than wool
Alpaca is Hypo-allergenic, contains no lanolin, and is naturally fire-retardant

Meet the alpacas! Joseph was not so sure about the whole up close and personal thing.

Mmmm...carrots and fingers.

Alpacas imperiously awaiting their richly deserved tribute of carrot nubs.

Everyone's favorite mop-top.

Playing hooky from work!

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Beth said...

Again my jealousy is overflowing. I did not know that as long as I wear my alpaca I will not catch fire - good to know.