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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothra Day

We all had a lovely mother's day. We stayed out very late at a graduation party last night (the kids, too, oddly enough) and I was a little under the weather (hung over and/or old) when the kids got up at 7 am to practice their robot walks in the hallway.

Sam playing bags at the party.

Sam made some great Mother's Day cards for me.

Danny bought me flowers and the traditional Mother's Day gift of a replacement laptop battery.

Joseph potted flowers for me at school and lovingly inscribed the flower pot. Danny and the kids went out and bought delicious pastries for breakfast.

We did a little shopping at Target, after which, Joseph had the following tantrum:

Afterwards, we drove to Peoria to see Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
I had been looking forward to seeing Jackie Chan and Jet Li together. It was a pretty good movie. I had hoped for more 80's Jackie Chan, with clever stunts, but this was kind of a weak combination of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon flying (without the lovely cinematography) and a classic martial arts fable. There were some parts that I thought were too violent for Joseph. Sam enjoyed it, and Joseph especially liked the Monkey King.

For dinner we went to Medici. The food was quite good (especially for Normal), and the ambiance is exceptional. All of the tables, booths and railings etc are custom hand-crafted out of unusual wood. The fixtures and railings are all custom or hand-made by elves or something. The kids were very good, and we went to Emack and Bolio's for some ice cream/sorbet.

Here are some of the cards that the kids drew for their Grandmothers ("GramoMoetr," "GramoDrenda" and "GramE). The theme was animal mothers.
FYI: The interpretive arrows tell you the "wotr" (water) from the "grod" (ground)


Anonymous said...

That tantrum cinema was sah-weet! I especially liked it when you distracted him with a scone... and the instant he realized he'd been tricked, he got mad at himself and threw the blue coat on the ground!

Well, two more weeks of carrying him through the threshold could be an investment for when you are old and decrepit and he has to carry you over the threshold to and from your geriatrics appointments!

Grandma Dorinda said...

I love Kim's comments. I am impressed that you are such a patient mama. I wonder where you learned that!

Anonymous said...

The tantrum scene reminds me of this David Bowie song:

When I'm five
I will wash my face me hands all by myself
When I'm five
I will chew and spit tabacco like my grandfather jones
'cause I'm only four and five is far away

When I'm five
I will read the magazines in mummy's drawer
When I'm five
I will walk behind the soldiers in the may day parade
'cause I'm only four and grown-ups walk too fast

Yesterday was horrid day, 'cause raymond kicked my shin
And mummy says if I am good, she'll let me go to school in august
Daddy shouted loud at mummy and I dropped my toast at breakfast
And I laughed when bonzo licked my face, because it tickled
I wonder why my daddy cries and how I wish that I was nearly five

When I'm five
I will catch a butterfly and eat it and I won't be sick
When I'm five
I will jump in puddles, laugh in church and marry my mum
And I'll let my daddy do the washing-up

If I close one eye, the people on that side can't see me
I get headaches in the morning and I rode on freddie's tricycle
And everywhere was funny, when I ran down to the sweetshop
Then I fell and bleeded-up my knee and everybody soppied me

I saw a photograph of jesus and I asked him if he'd make me five
I saw a photograph of jesus and I asked him if he'd make me five
When I'm five
When I'm five
When I'm oah

Anonymous said...