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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today was Danny and my 15th wedding anniversary! It has been a most excellent adventure indeed. I used to say that the best part of being with someone for such a long time is having all of the shared memories. It makes the past more real to talk about it with someone who was there. However, as we get older, we have both started forgetting things, so we are lucky if either of us remembers anything.

Time just kind of sneaks up on you. 15 years is a pretty long time. This week was "preview week" for the families of the new ISU students starting in the fall. Most of the moms look to be about my age. In fact, if Danny and I had gotten pregnant shortly after we started dating, our kid would be starting college now.
I was going to take out the wedding photo album to show Joseph, but looking at it kind of made me sad. Although Danny and I were much younger and cuter then, I recall being kind of clueless at that time in life. In my wedding pictures, I look very uncomfortable with myself and being the center of attention. For sure, I am much happier now, even with all of my wrinkles and stretch marks.


suze said...

you should tell danny to regrow his mutton chops. those are badass :).

Jessica and Adam said...

I second Suze!

Anonymous said...

Yipes, I guess I third that!

But what a beautiful bride you were!!! xoxo

Beth said...

Happy very belated anniversary!