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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Empty nest

Joseph started Kindergarten today! Of course, he is an old pro at school--he has been going at least part-day since he was a baby. But it was still emotional. All of the other parents were verklempt and taking videos.
As a nod to the significance of the event, we made Joseph a "To know me is to love me" sticker to wear to school. Danny nostalgically relates that he wore a similar sticker on his first day of kindergarten a million years ago.

On a related note, yesterday Joseph had his dreaded pre-Kindergarten doctor's appointment. As anyone with older kids may recall, this is the really bad one. Joseph had a blood titer, a full exam and five vaccinations shots. The poor little guy could be heard screaming "I do not like this!!! I do not like this at all!!" throughout the medical center. Sam ended up getting an unscheduled chickenpox booster just because he happened to be there. The nurse rewarded the kids with stickers and afterwards we took them to Acme and let them pick out some new comics.


Anonymous said...

Trauma all around! I like how both of your kids verbalize specifically how they are feeling instead of just screaming incoherent non-words like my family does. You have a wonderfully verbal family.

Jessica and Adam said...

Oh no, I had no idea that was to come. I feel guilty already. But post trauma spoilage sounds fun!