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Monday, March 10, 2008

Argos gets his

Argos is almost 2 years old. He was neutered at a young age, and is only gradually realizing his size (111 lbs) and that he is male. He started lifting his leg a few months ago, and now he lifts his leg most of the time. So far, he is still very mellow and not at all dominant with other dogs.
Argos has a dog friend Carl, who is a 65-lb St. Bernard/Golden Retriever mix. Carl is a very sweet rescue dog who was likely neutered late in life, and retains a very macho attitude. Carl is not above marking you if you stand still for too long, and has been mounting Argos since we started coming to the dog park. Argos has never minded Carl's amorous attentions, and usually just stands there with a sheepish smile like: "Just happy to be included..." Saturday, Argos was feeling his oats, and started to return Carl's dominant affections by mounting him repeatedly with oafish glee. Carl was very good natured about it, but when Argos was finished, Carl walked up behind Argos and very deliberately peed on him. I suppose that Argos had it coming to him.

By the way, do you wish that you had a dog but don't have the time to care for one? The good people at Animal Makers will be happy to make a dog to your specifications. Enjoy!

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suze said...

omg, susan, that story totally made my night. hooray for argos!