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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My head is exploding

It is Spring Break at ISU. All of the twittering flocks of undergrads have migrated south. We are having some lovely spring-like weather. Around ISU, the people remaining on campus drift dreamily across the quad. But not me. It is crazytown around the lab. The grad students have a break from teaching and classes, and with end-of-the semester deadlines looming, all of their neglected research has become an urgent priority. Because I am helping two grad students get their experiments up and running, I have been swamped all day every day with a thousand details of experimental design. (To clock reverse or not clock reverse, if so, which incubator and when? How to set up the video camera to record automatically? Continuous or scan sampling? Should experimental animals be allowed to mate before the experiment and with whom? How long should the implants be left in? How to use the spectrophotometry software? What to do when the door to the lab with the spectrophotometry plates is locked? ANOVA or ANCOVA? etc etc etc etc etc etc etc...)
The crickets are kicking my ass again.
So very tired...

Also, I don't know who the hell this woman is, but I hate her.

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