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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Puppet Time

Sam and Joseph were so enthralled by the YouTube video: Potter Puppet Pals in 'The Mysterious Ticking Noise," that we spent the better part of the day making our own family of puppets. Joseph made the Joseph puppet all by himself, and he drew and helped design heads and costumes for several other puppets (See--having Joseph watch an entire season of Project Runway with me wasn't entirely a waste of time!) Also, there was a special guest appearance by Ernest Hemingway.

The original:

Our family version:


Anonymous said...

My nieces and nephews think this is a hilarious little sketch too. I must be getting old because I DON'T UNDERSTAND how it is funny. It didn't make me laugh. And that made me sad. Can you shed some light on why it is supposed to be funny?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also loved your family's rendition because your family is so creative and hilarious.

Susan said...

Hi Kim,
To me, the original song is mildly funny, although the pipe bomb part is unnecessary. I like how each character's name song goes along with their persona. The kids, however, were rolling on the floor laughing. There is also a speeded-up version of the song on YouTube which was also a big hit with the kids.