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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random Easter activities

The kids dyeing easter eggs. This was made more difficult by the fact that the eggs were cage-free organic eggs, which always seem to be brown. Why? Because people think that brown eggs are less "engineered" looking. Now there is no logical reason that organic or cage-free chickens should lay brown eggs--egg color is a heritable trait correlated with chicken "ear lobe" color.

Grammy and Grandpa Joe gave the boys an excellent book about chicken development and what is easily the scariest and loudest Easter chick that I have ever seen. Joseph initially fell out of his chair laughing when the chick started up.

We had an Easter egg hunt in our front yard so that we could be sure that the dog wouldn't get any chocolate. It was snowing at the time, but luckily, it was not too cold. People driving past our house kept honking and waving at the kids as they hunted for eggs.

If you look closely, you can see Argos watching out the window.

This year we had mainly chocolate in the eggs. The grocery store sells those Palmer holiday chocolates bulk, and I couldn't resist the little foil bunnies. We also bought a couple of small Bionicles that we broke down into pieces and put each piece into a different egg. (Now that I think about it, having the kids search for a hundred severed body parts is kind of Jeffrey Dahmer serial killer creepy, but whatever.)

Dividing up the loot


Anonymous said...

Poor little B-Team Argos. I'm sure he got a special Easter celebration treat... like a dropped boiled egg or some ham. Yes?

Susan said...

Argos doesn't celebrate Easter. I think that the A-dog follows Malamutism, in which you worship whoever can beat you up, smells the strongest and/or has a full refrigerator and opposable thumbs. Major holidays occur three times a day when you pray to the kitchen table shrine, with occasional minor holidays between meals.
But Argos will get something special to eat on April Fool's Day--his 2nd birthday.