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Monday, March 17, 2008

Corn hustlers

Illinois is in the news again: two sisters are auctioning off a corn flake in the shape of the state. The top bid on ebay is $200,000. If you want it, bid now--the auction ends Thursday! Perhaps inspired by all of the press, someone else is trying to auction off another corn flake in the shape of Illinois, but has has received no bids. (The bubble for Illinois-shaped corn flakes has burst, I'm afraid.)
New ebay entries as of Tuesday morning: 6 more corn flakes shaped like Illinois, an "I'm a sucker" sign made out of corn flakes by someone from Illinois, a $5000 Illinois corn flake T-shirt, and a corn flake shaped like the Elephant Man.
update 3/19: the ebay auction was ended supposedly due to ebay's restriction against selling food. The flake is now being sold as a coupon, redeemable for the flake (no bids).

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