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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Here are pics from some of our East Coast adventures. Here Sam and I are doing a simulated ELISA at the Liberty Science Center in NJ. Sam told me that we looked funny in our costumes, which was kind of sad, because I have an even uglier lab coat and set of protective goggles at work.

We went on the Staten Island Ferry. It was cold (not IL cold, though) and drizzly.

We walked around Battery Park in Manhattan, and had some nice pastries and coffee.

In Baltimore, we went to the Lotte Asian Market, where Danny fell in love with a giant tub of garlic. Joseph wanted me to buy an octopus for dinner, but I was not sure how to cook one, or who would want to eat it.

We went down to the Inner Harbor to the Baltimore Maritime Museum. We visited the 1936 Coast Guard cutter Taney, The 1944 submarine Torsk, the 1930 Lightship Chesapeake, the 1854 USS Constellation and the 1856 Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse.

The Torsk has an engine named after me (of course).

The kids tried out the sleeping quarters in all the ships except the hammocks on the Constellation.

Joseph enjoyed hearing about the exploits of "Skunk," "Sparky," and others in the exhibit on naval dog mascots. (There was no "Fleas Navidog.")

We celebrate Joseph's tantrum atop the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse.


Jessica Malisch said...

I nominate the tantrum celebration for best blog photo of January 2008!

Anonymous said...

Here here! I second that!