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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Graffiti knitters

Apparently, there is a group calling itself the Graffiti knitters of Bloomington-Normal that made scarves for the trees on the ISU quad. There is no Stitch and Bitch group here, so this is actually the only evidence that I have of young people knitting in Normal. In terms of local knitting groups, sometimes knitters and crocheters meet-up at "Ewe Knit" yarn shop near campus. Also, I know a couple of people at the dog park that knit, so we joke about starting a "Stitch with Bitches" as a combined knitting group and doggy playdate.

Jan 31 Graffiti knitting update: an NPR story about extreme knitting.


Jessica and Adam said...

That is too bazar!

Beth said...

Stitch with Bitches sounds awesome!